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About Us

Roman Jeras

Roman Jeras

Ajda Novak

Ajda Novak

Anja Glavač

Anja Glavač

RJ Finance Team includes:


Mr. Roman Jeras, Founder and CEO of RJ Finance and RJF

Roman completed MBA at School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (2003). At the begining of his carreer he joined Slovenian brokerage house Ilirika d.d. as Director of M&A, covering Adriatic Region. He was Member of Management Board at CEEREF Management Company SarL, Luxembourg, Real Estate developer with focus to Adriatic Region. Roman was also CEO of: Gamin d.o.o., Krekova Družba PS d.o.o., TKK Srpenica d.d., Form Tehnik d.o.o., Lastra Company d.o.o., Mansion d.o.o. and Beli Vitez d.o.o. 

Ms. Ajda Novak, Senior Project Manager at RJ Finance and Founder and CEO at RJF

Ajda entered the job in 2016. Previously she was in banking secor as part of Sberbank Slovenija. She completed her Master in Quantitative Finance at School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana (2018). Her big advantages are dedication to the research and analyst roles plus great focus on the projects. Ajda was also a part of the Slovenian national football team for several years - she surely knows what passion and dedication is. She is focused to Industrial services, Real Estate and IT sectors. 

Ms. Anja Glavač, Project Manager at RJ Finance

Anja started her job in RJ Finance in 2019. Previously she had several student work posts in Analyst, Research, Hospitality and comparable sectors of Financial Services sectors. She will complete her Masters Study in School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana in 2021, with focus to hospitaliy sector. Anja runs the projects in Food sectors, Medical, Hospitaliy, IT, Digital and Industrial Services. 


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