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In 2021 there are active sales madates in following sectors: Nuclear and pharmaceutical services provider, PVC windows manufacturing, Engineering Company, and many more....

in the field of SME's we are leading M&A Advisory in Slovenia. For full list of more than 70 references, please contact us. You can find some selected references listed below:


Optimisation of the financial structure of Slovenian industrial company with EUR 90 million value of the assets.

Mandate for capital increase procedure for manufacturer from heavy industries, value of the capital increase EUR 24 million  EUR.

Mandate for capital increase / majority stake sell mandate for European footwear leader. Very strong sports and fashion brand. Value of the annual Sales over EUR 65 million with EUR 6 million of EBITDA and EUR 70 million of Total Assets.

Sales mandate of the leading logistics player in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Value of the Assets: EUR 11 million.

Local research for EU financial investor interested in mid-size private companies in Slovenian and Croatia size from 5 to 20 million EUR of Equity.

Restructuring and Sale of majority stake of leading glass company in Slovenia, value of the assets in the range of 10 million EUR. Asset and shares deal.

Management and selection of optimal financial structure of Green projects in Ljubljana and North-East Slovenia - value 3 million EUR.

Regular External Partner of leading Slovenian bank on the area of specialist corporate finance.

Participation on majority shares package purchase of industrial company quoted on Ljubljana Stock Exchange with value of Equity EUR 30 million EUR. Mandate from foreign strategic partner.

Sales of 100% stake of leading European Presses Company (Heavy Industry) with global references, value of the Assets EUR 15 million, value of the Equity EUR 6 million, Annual Sales EUR 15 million.

Buy mandate by CEE private equity company focused on industrial mid-size companies, interest in majority ownership via direct sale or capital increase, value of the equity commitement from 2 to 10 million EUR.

Fund raising for one of the leading Asian frontier funds under Swiss management. Global investors from several investment segments.


REAL ESTATE M&A (selected references):

Industrial real estate project in fourth largest Slovenian city Kranj, land size 88.000 square meters. Execution of market study and repositioning of the mixed use of the land in the retail use.

Residential development project in North-eastern part of Slovenia, where 142 apartments were planned. Execution of financial study based on market research and study.

Sales mandate for 140.000 m2 tourist project on Croatian coast in Dalmatia near Šibenik. Planned tourist resort with mixed use in T2 zone.

Mixed real estate project in the centre of Ljubljana, land size 47.000 square meters. One of the largest regional Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Execution of feasibility study, repositioning and preparation of the financial structure for the project.

Real estate optimisation in one of the largest industrial areas in Ljubljana, client owns more than 60.000 square meters of industrial land in the centre of Slovenian capital.

MANAGEMENT OF THE COMPANIES (selected references):

Company specialised in the marketing and sales of various media sources (Gamin d.o.o.).

Asset Management, Financial Services and Holding company (Krekova Družba PS d.o.o.).

Construction and Building Chemicals Manufacturer (TKK Srpenica d.d.).

Tooling manufacturer, constructor and designer (Form tehnik d.o.o.).

Music instruments manufacturer, distributer and trader (Lastra Company d.o.o.).

Real Estate SPV and Management Company (Mansion d.o.o.).

Investment and Management Company (Beli Vitez d.o.o.).


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